An Unexpected Journey…

road-less-traveled (1)

Everything has to start somewhere…

I began working with food professionally close to 17 years ago now and have had some incredible experiences along the way. Having had the opportunity to meet and work with amazing chefs like Charlie Ayers, Joshua Linton and Tim Love and cook for artists like Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters and Dave Matthews on the festival scene of Austin City Limits, these experiences are some I could never trade for anything or have wanted to experience any other way. All things have a beginning, some things have an end, and others, well others just need to get a kick in the ass to course correct…

And theennnnn…

Without intending to sound cliché, if you had told me 2 years ago what I would be doing today, I never would have believed you. After 17 years in the restaurant biz both as a chef and in front of house ops, I was burned out. Done, done, done… I wasn’t getting the satisfaction I once did and wanted to work with people more individually. I had a friend working for another great company here in Austin, TX called Inspired Food and Wellness. I started working with them as a personal chef and found what I was missing. For so long I had been working to create great experiences in people’s lives, but they were always short-lived. What I really wanted to do was help people create great lives for themselves. Seeing that many clients were seeking chef services to support their fitness and wellness goals, I hit the books and got certified as a personal trainer also under the American College of Sports Medicine. Fitness has been a big part of my life for some time now so this wasn’t a surprising move into working as a Personal Trainer/Personal Chef. But, if you had told me 2 years ago that I’d be heading back to school Pre-Med at the age of 36 I would have thought you were freaking nuts!!!

But what about the foooooood???

Food will always be a part of my life and an integral part of the rest of the story. My decision to return to school goes back to helping people create better lives through food!!! You don’t have to look far to see the great divide between the medical and culinary realms. This gap is fortunately narrowing, but not as fast as the increasing rates of diabetes, cardiac, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. As a nation, we have become too dependent on the “take two of these” treatments that are in many cases doing little more than pulling a curtain to mask the problems at hand. Add to this the hyper-subsidized processed food and grain industries, it’s no wonder our internal check engine lights are perpetually lit. You are what you eat!!!

What’s next?

Recipes, dining out tips, chef interviews, nutrition and fitness education, the sky’s the limit. But, most important for me is urging each of you to step out against the grain, not just literally in your diets, but in all aspects of your lives. Stop and think for yourselves instead of following the status quo. Don’t take the words of the FDA, the ADA, the media or even mine as bond. Do our own research and think for yourself. I’m just here to give you a nudge. What you do next is up to you. Time to take the next step…

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