Vindaloo Pork Ribs… Guaranteed to Offend


I love experimenting/playing with my food. I was craving some ribs, but don’t have time in my day for firing up a grill between work and school then volunteering at the hospital before studying. I secretly have a love affair with my crock pot.

So back to the ribs… These ribs are politically incorrect on so many levels and will probably offend a few of y’all. So bring on the angry mob!!!  Where do I begin? Ummm I guess let’s start with the seasoning. Vindaloo is a seasoning from Goa, a coastal city in India. Being that the primary population is Hindu and Muslim, pork is obviously taboo. Vindaloo Pork is however a very popular Catholic dish as a result of Spanish and Portuguese rule and trade in the area, but the words and sounds that came out of my mouth when I opened the lid were absolutely sinful. Did I say open the lid? Yep, these are crock pot ribs.  Ya see, down here in Texas, they seem to think that you don’t boil your ribs, you don’t bake your ribs, you don’t boil your ribs, you smoke em. That’s it… Oh well, more for me.

Note: Keep in mind that the method for these ribs can be followed for any number of flavor, spice and sauce combinations so feel free to get creative…

4-5 lbs Pork Back Ribs
4 tbsp Coconut Oil or Rendered Bacon Fat
6 tbsp Vindaloo Seasoning, or more to completly cover
1/2 Yellow Onion, chopped
1 Bulb Garlic, cloves smashed
1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 cup Organic Local Honey
1 tbsp Chili Flakes
Salt and Pepper, to taste

1. Trim any excess fat from ribs. Flip over and score the connective tissue on the back of ribs with a knife. Cut each slab in half between two of the ribs. Season ribs completely with vindaloo seasoning, salt and pepper.
2. Put onion, garlic and vinegar in crock pot. Do not turn on yet.
3. Heat oil in large saute pan at med-hi heat. Sear the ribs meat side down then carefully with tongs sear the sides and ends.
4. Place ribs in crock pot, cover with lid and turn heat to low and cook for 8 hours.
5. When finished cooking, remove ribs and place on sheet pan to rest. Preheat broiler to 500º F
6. Pour or ladle drippings in bottom of crock pot into blender and puree completely.
7. Pour into sauce pan. Add honey and chili flakes, simmer and allow to reduce to sauce consistancy.
8. Brush sauce generously over meat side of ribs. Broil until sauce begins to caramelize, about 2 minutes. Be very careful as they will go from caramelizing to burning very quickly.
9. Make a mess and enjoy!!!

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