Non-Toxic Kids: 5 Toy Companies That are Toxic

With a niece and nephew who I love to death and another one on the way, the wellness of children is near and dear to my heart. Mislabeling and deceptive advertising of food are no surprise in today’s competition for our palates (keep an eye out next week for the science behind addictive junk food), but nothing infuriates me more than companies who deliberately or negligently put the health of children at risk. I came across this great post and wanted to share it with all of you.

As people are becoming more aware of the chemicals companies put into the manufacturing of toys, parents are looking towards alternatives to diversions. After all, we don’t want to purposely poison our children and we need to protect them at any cost. Toxic chemicals are the basis for a great deal of consumer products. A large portion of the time toxicity isn’t recognized at first and is truly accidental. Other times, it is the cost of materials needed to reduce expenses to make a greater profit margin.

1. Playmobil – Although focused on child development and educational toys, Playmobil utilizes a large amount of Bisphenol A. This organic hormone-like product can be very toxic to infants and toddlers. It just goes to show how an innocent idea for providing education can turn into a poisonous hazard.

Discoveroo, an Australian company, specializes in similar toys without the use of toxic chemicals and additives. Rattles, doll houses, tea sets, and more are available at this location and could be a good alternative for healthier entertainment for young children.

2. LeapFrog – A leader in educational electronics, LeapFrog has products on the market that have been deemed as being high in toxic levels. Toys such as the Leapster2 handheld device including the Wall. E DVD movie have been found to contain high levels of lead and arsenic in the carrying case. Even the device itself contains low levels of Bromine.

The Discovery store is filled with non-toxic educational electronic toys and games. Toys such as the Physics Solar Workshop can engage the child beyond what a handheld device can. A product such as this gives the child a chance to allow his or her creativity come into play as they learn more about the benefits of solar energy.

3. Geoffrey, Inc – Rated with the most toxic toy tested in 2008, Geoffrey continues to produce toys that can be deemed as dangerous for toxicity and choking. Although there are a great number of entertaining and safe toys produced by Geoffrey, previous track records still have parents concerned about future products.

Parents can answer the call of protecting their young ones by taking a closer look at These non-toxic wood-based toys, play sets, and furniture can give you the ease of mind from plastic poisons.

4. Disney – Who would have thought that Disney would be so irresponsible when it came to the toys of children? According to, three out of the 10 top toxic toys tested in 2008 belong to Disney under various suppliers. Although they may not have built the actual toy, they should have been more aware of the toys composition.

It’s hard to find an alternative to Disney toys since they revolve around the entertainment produced by the company. However, Planet Happy Toys has a wide selection of diversions, fashions, and even jewelry that are eco-friendly and safe to play with.

5. Imaginext – PVC is a very toxic plastic to young ones and Imaginext used quite a bit of it in reports from 2010. These toys enlighten the child’s imagination and can help develop relationship and social skills. However, at what cost should we put on development?

Lego is a PVC free toy that can exercise the imagination of a child. If he or she needs a star ship to attack the pirate base, they can build one. It is a toy that can become anything they want it to be.

Children don’t need extravagance in order to be happy. Simple parks can provide hours of fun for the child and he or she can experience the outdoors without having an iPod shoved in their ear. Have parents grown so accustomed to the utilization of toys as a proverbial baby-sitter? Engage your child without worry of toxic levels and live life to its fullest.

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