About Michael…

After 17 years in the restaurant industry, I was committed to having a more personal impact on individuals lives. While working as a personal chef I found that many of my clients were in need of chef services to support their fitness goals. This began the Against the Grain dream and mission to help people live fitter lives while still ENJOYING what they ate. As a pre-med student, I am committed to not only helping people become fitter, but healthier also. My goal in my education is not specifically to work in the medical field, but to help people stay out of the doctors office as a result of a clean diet that supports hormone balance while decreasing lifestyle induced inflammatory conditions in the body.


2 thoughts on “About Michael…

  1. Hi,
    I will try to write english ! I red your last publications and they were really interesting.
    I’am French, from Paris, and here people are more and more fat.
    Health is decreasing due to new habits, lake of time, advertising and food industry. Our health system, one of the best in the world, is near to bankruptcy and we have more and more diseases due to eating habits. People eat without intrest in the country of good food and mediterranean diet. Some of us try to write and mobilise to educate (changing habits of consumption) but it’s hard.

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